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Welcome, as of Sept 22, 2023 the day after International Day of Peace. we have initiated our global  peace wave.

The purpose of this is to start with Ambassadors of Peace, with representation in each country.And as we identify and bring on board this key contact person, we will train each leader about the process we have designed to foster this unique idea of covering our globe with a continuous wave of peace, love and joy.

And the first year, 2024, is dedicated on talking with and engaging with organizations and influencers who are already in the mindset of desiring Peace On Earth.

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About Us

Ron Mohl, Sr. by Shervin Boloorian

Over the course of several years, since 1981, as a meditator and a facilitator, Ron’s goal has been to help people find inner peace and lead more natural lives.

To achieve this, Ron has mastered a series of different meditation techniques and led workshops for professionals, children, and enthusiasts of all ages. He is formally certified in meditation methods such as Raja Yoga Meditation and Transcendental Meditation.

The definition of Metta is:
Loving-kindness, Friendliness, Benevolence, Amity, Friendship, Good Will, Kindness, A close mental union (on same mental wavelength) AND, active interest in others. This is unconditional LOVE
There are several projects that are pending and one project We are hoping to attract other donors and organizations to assist us in this much needed PROJECT for the children; Two locations and more can be added as funds become available:

1. Children in the Metro DC area, that can benefit from Progressive Mindfulness training.

2. Children in Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia, who have cancer. We are connected with Esperanza y Amor Foundation, in Bucaramanga. These children travel with their families from remote areas of Santander to receive medical care at the Santander Hospital.

You and I can help make a big difference in 2023 and beyond, for these lovely children. We reach out to those who do not have the financial wherewithal to get the proper care for their health challenges.


Click this link here to make your love offering in an amount you choose.

Your donation of at least $25 or more, will help many of these children, with the bare essentials, like laundry services when they are at the housing center, awaiting treatment. And when they leave to go back to their homes, they are given a backpack with tooth brushes, and tooth paste and soap and all the daily essential for better hygiene and self care. These children are facing a huge challenge with trying to get beyond the cancer they have, and this program helps them through this process with the love, the sharing and caring that all of the volunteers give to these precious children.

Our overall goal for 2021, of $500,000, is to fund the purchase of this valuable product and provide it via the medical physicians to give to their more challenged patients. These physicians are rapidly becoming more familiar with this supplement. It is easy to take and has no LD50 rating, since our bodies already has this in all of our cells. The challenge for all humans is that we also have a lot of the over 80,000 chemical that is in our environment, within our bodies. This process / product detoxifies our cells and allows them to do what they were created to do / which is to heal itself. HEALTHY CELLS translate into health organs and maximum functioning organs results into “heal-thy-SELF”. We were created with a mind that is more powerful than all of the computers combined, and our brain knows where to send these vital atoms, when they are strong and can communicate.

So, if you would click the link below and give $5 or $10 or $25 or more, today, Casa De Metta Corporation will make sure that your love offering helps another children with a backpack full of important items that will keep them smiling; and healthier as well.

Click this link here to make your love offering in an amount you choose.

The word Metta, means amity which is defined as Peace Between Nations. And we at Casa de Metta corporaton support peace; inner peace which leads to peace within our families, within our neighborhoods, our state, our nation, between nations and walla, THE WORLD.

A Non-Profit Corp, filed in Florida,
June 21, 2017
501(c)(3) designation letter received Aug 8, 2017.

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Welcome to INTL of PEACE by CASA de METTA​

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