Ron Mohl, Sr.
by Shervin Boloorian

Over the course of several years, since 1981, as a meditator and a facilitator, Ron’s goal has been to help people find inner peace and lead more natural lives. To achieve this, Ron has mastered a series of different meditation techniques and led workshops for professionals, children, and enthusiasts of all ages. He is formally certified in meditation methods such as Raja Yoga Meditation and Transcendental Meditation.

But in recent years, Ron developed his own unique Progressive Mindfulness method to enable individuals to not only connect with their inner state of calm but also to visualize and accomplish their goals.  Already skilled as a workshop facilitator, he has gone on to lead Progressive Mindfulness (formally called Progressive Meditation) workshops in the corporate world, for Congressional staff on Capitol Hill, and with individual clients and small groups.

One of Ron’s favorite accomplishments is helping in a problem resolution class at COEUS International School when he volunteered to demonstrate to the sixth and seventh graders his way of meditating. He had several classes there, in 2007 & 2008 school year. Yet what Ron Learned added value to his techniques. Ron often explains that it was much easier to share mediation to students and these particular students really responded with all of the reasons it is useful to teach youth this practice, earlier on in their lives.

Being a successful accountant and a natural left-brain thinker, Ron is especially attuned to aiding people in the contemporary world who normally struggle to balance busy lives with the need for calmness. Ron believes that Progressive Mindfulness can also help sharpen a person’s spiritual connection.

Progressive mindfullness involves a series of visualization-actualization steps, which were initially taught to Ron as part of a professional sales technique. Ron has combined and adapted this real-world method of setting a goal and obtaining results to the practice of meditation.  Practitioners who have worked with Ron have felt that these series of steps together with his practice of meditation allowed their goals to come to fruition a lot easier and quicker than the goals that had not been placed through this process.

Ron has lead a weekly meditation group (Sept 2008-Sept 2011) in the DuPont Circle area of Connecticut Ave and was in charge of a Washington DC Meditation Meet Up group that has gathered a following of roughly 240 meditators. He also devotes his full time efforts to teaching the process and techniques of Progressive Mindfulness (meditation). Ron has hosted meditation meet-ups, online, for anyone to connect via on line video conferencing. Though classes are not currently active, he plans on setting “zoom” meeting in the 4th quarter of 2023 and thereafter.

There is no doubt in Ron’s mind that “Progressive Mindfulness – The Metta Fusion Process®” can be a path to concerted peace, happiness, strength, health and healing, especially in the corporate world. One of his aims is to help businesses and entrepreneurs adapt to and succeed in the modern economy through a win, win, win mindset, which flows from the practice of meditation..

Some of the positive results from those who use Ron’s meditation methods are: inner peace, improved energy, restfulness, mental clarity, accomplishing business and personal goals, year in and year out, just to name a few. Statistics affirm the power of meditation as a path to greater life satisfaction.

“When we improve individually, so does everything around us; from our interpersonal relationships with family, friends, and foe and within our careers.”