More Info – & Join us, Be a beacon with your inner peace

“Our mission is to harness the collective power of meditation and prayer, channeling it towards fostering a continuous wave of global peace.”

Here is the breakdown of our six to 12 month focus to obtain:
A.) Lead Contacts and individual meditators and prayer groups in each country by:
1. contacting embassies in the Metro Washington DC area
2. Contacting all target groups in each country
B.) Training of Lead Contacts and group leaders via:
1. weekly zoom meetings
2. recording meetings for subsequent virtual training 
c.) Training of those who will be meditating and praying, using  1. Our format for uniformity 2. plus a personal portion of the time of meditation and or prayer as chosen by each individual

Here are the initial plans for building a world wide coalition of Ambassadors for Peace

   – Level 1: Inner peace process training and meditation for family peace.

   – Level 2: Expansion to cities, states, countries, and the world.

   – Level 3: Establishing the Global Wave of Peace with synchronized meditation times.

   – Level 4: Expanding meditation times to create a more potent and continuous wave.

   – Level 5: Full 24/7 worldwide coverage.

Our plan is simple, our goal is huge, but with your help, this shall be accomplished.



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