Sample letter to send to your mail lists:

I recently met a dedicated individual who has a personal mission to help peace come to as many people as possible and ultimately to our cities, states, country and our world. His idea is to inform other groups of like minded individuals to do 3 things. This is based on proven science that 1/10th of 1% of a city, or state and our world population can make a big difference in anything needed. Prayerful & Meditative energy can be amplified and assist good things to happen.

Take a look at his overall plans for Sept 21 at and Join the email lists for updates at 

And thirdly, if you are interested in creating a song or dance or cheering squad for Celebrating Peace on Earth and for Peace and Victory for Ukraine, then you and a few others can become a part of this event and make a video to send to (updates will give you the link to upload that video onto vimeo dot com)

It is the best way, I believe for us all to do a little and in a short period of time, we can accomplish the bigger goal of Peace on Earth.

In Peace, Love, and Joy,
Zane Curfman